Affiliate Program

Why partner with Boomerluxe?

As only 1 of 2 subscription boxes for Baby Boomer women, among thousands of boxes currently on the market, Boomerluxe is growing to serve this incredible (and large) demographic with age appropriate beauty, fashion and lifestyle products. 

We know that they are key household decision-makers and she holds the purse strings.  These amazing women are at a time in their lives when they begin to once again look at themselves, prioritize and consider who they are and what is important now, after years of giving everything to their family, home and career.

  • Women over the age of 50 are becoming super consumers who control nearly 75% of the wealth in America.
  • They are the fastest growing demographic online.
  • Other than email, they spend more time on social media than anywhere else online with the majority of that time on Facebook.
  • They spend billions on apparel and accessories which is also the fastest growing ecommerce segment.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is the process of earning a commission by promoting Boomerluxe products to your network. You introduce Boomerluxe online by promoting our fabulous Baby Boomer products and suppliers to others, and you earn extra income for each referral sale you make.

3 Basic Steps in Affiliate Marketing:

  1. You recommend and promote Boomerluxe to your network and people you know - your followers, friends and family.
  2. When someone you referred makes a purchase using the unique code we provide to you, you get paid.
  3. Yes, you are paid a 10% commission when a Boomerluxe subscription is purchased using your unique code (we automatically track your code internally, so you don't have to keep track of anything).  
  4. We do all the work!

We make it simple to manage by providing you with an easy to use online dashboard to track your earnings and access prepared Facebook posts, Tweets and ready to use artwork to generate interest.

You will earn 10% of every referred sale, every time.

 It is simple and we are here to help.  

Once you create your profile with us below, you can send out the free promotional materials (Tweets, Facebook posts and banners).  

When your audience to become Boomerluxe subscribers using your code, we ssend you 10% of the purchase price. You will receive payment every time.  It is all free to you and you can view and track your referrals on your personal dashboard and see your money to come rolling in!  

We are happy to work with you to get started.  Please email us at